The Señor Tyrone Ruana Wrap

what is a ruana?

noun \rü-ˈä-nə\: A poncho-like outer garment of heavy wool, worn especially in the mountains of Colombia.  Origin of RUANA: American Spanish, from Spanish, woolen fabric. First Known Use: circa 1903


How do you wrap your ruana?
Traditionally, a ruana is a sleeveless four-cornered coat or blanket, with an opening in the center for the head and a slit down the front to the hem. What makes a ruana unique? It is specifically from the Andes region in South America. It is artisan, hand loomed by craftsmen using centuries-old techniques. It is, and always was, multi-functional - conceived as a coat but oft-used for seating as blanket or a cushion and for shelter.
Three ways to wear a ruana wrap
The Original Señor Tyrone Ruana Wrap Poncho can be styled many ways.
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