About Our Poncho

The Original Señor Tyrone Poncho is the most versatile and utilitarian garment you will ever own. The first time you wear your Señor Tyrone, you understand its effortless comfort and chic. The next time you wear it, you begin to appreciate that this item is essential to your wardrobe and your way of dressing. On the day that you encounter an unexpected chill and realize you did not bring your Señor Tyrone, you will never be without it again. 
The Señor Tyrone Poncho is unisex, one-size fits all, seasonless, easy to wear, easy to care for and folds up so small you can take it anywhere. Wear it as a poncho, a cape, a scarf, a wrap, or as a serape. You can throw it over your existing outfit or use it as a key element of your signature look. It defines anywhere/anytime style.
The Señor Tyrone Poncho is loomed from a soft and durable synthetic fiber for easy care, yet has the look and feel of pure wool. Our poncho is made in the Andes Mountains of South America by artisans with a tradition of craftsmanship and quality that goes back for centuries.
You can see the Señor Tyrone in action as worn by Ashley in Times Square below:
Care for your Señor Tyrone Poncho: We recommend green dry cleaning.

Your Señor Tyrone comes in its own pouch:

Señor Tyrone is a purveyor of eclectic finds from around the world. Señor Tyrone does not define cool by being trendy. He defines cool through confidence, independent thinking and sharing insights and discoveries with others. 
In addition to being half black, half latino and half Jewish, Señor Tyrone is said to be one-eighth Native American and one-sixteenth Japanese. He is the quintessential New American. He is post racial. He is post gender. Señor Tyrone believes that all people are one. 
Please do not let our founder’s name and attitude belie the timelessness of our offerings.

Thank you,

Señor Tyrone