This is what happens when you give an actor a poncho...

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Robert Rosenheck

Recently, the charming actor and author Evan Handler visited the Laurel Canyon headquarters of Señor Tyrone. Evan tried on a Señor Tyrone and immediately picked up a nearby shovel and posed in a very assertive manner.

Señor Evan is best known for his roles as Runkle on Californication and Harry on Sex in the City, but long before his television career, Señor Evan made a name for himself on Broadway and on the big screen. He is also a brilliant writer and cultural critic.

Here Señor Evan wears his Tyrone as a Babushka. 


Or is he impersonating the Great Cornholio?

Either way, Señor Evan is very Tyrone in his poncho, a true gentleman and a very dear friend. 

Many thanks to you Señor Evan,

-Señor Tyrone

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